WESTCA GYM, located at 30 N 3rd St, San Jose, CA, is a top-rated gym known for its welcoming community and excellent personal training programs. With flexible hours opening as early as 5 AM most days, it caters to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The trainers are highly praised for their expertise, with special mentions for Ivan, Adam, and Maegs. The gym is well-maintained, clean, and has a supportive environment that encourages members to meet their fitness goals. Whether you're looking to lift weights or focus on nutritional advice, WESTCA delivers a comprehensive and supportive fitness experience.


  • Welcoming and supportive community.
  • Highly qualified and motivating trainers.
  • Clean and well-maintained facilities.
  • Flexible opening hours.
  • Personalized training and nutrition plans.
  • Variety of fitness equipment in good condition.
  • Inclusive for individuals of all fitness levels.
  • Excellent sense of camaraderie among members.
  • Convenient location in downtown San Jose.


  • Small floor space for activities like calisthenics.
  • Occasional billing issues reported.
  • Membership cancellation process can be slow.

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A terrific gym! Friendly staff and lots of equipment. Highly recommend!!!


I've been training with a personal trainer at WESTCA gym for six months and the experience has been outstanding. The trainer's expertise helped me become significantly stronger and their tailored approach to fitness made every session effective and enjoyable. Highly recommend WESTCA for anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness!


The atmosphere at Westca is great, and encouraging! Big shoutout to my trainer, Ivan, for his well-planned workout routines and for making 6 AM training sessions really fun and energizing. Definitely recommend this gym for people in and around San Jose!


Nice gym, that is not too crowded. Always greeted with a smile.


I really enjoyed my time here. It has a great flow, and a variety of people at various stages in their fitness journey; which I greatly appreciate seeing. My only critique is their floor space to do calisthenics is pretty small, as in only 5-7 people can fit. Also, if there’s a trainer with a group they can sometimes have little regard for other people who want to use the machine they and their group is on. This is only an issue because there’s really only one of each machine. On the whole though, it’s a great gym and good location, a little off the beaten path, but still close to most things. It’s always clean and there’s a good sense of pride in their front desk and training staff.


Follow up review from 6 months ago! During the past 6 months, I have been on a bulking cycle. My trainer, Adam, has helped me gain 10 pounds of overall weight with of which 5.8 pounds was an increase lean muscle mass! In addition, my body fat percentage has actually decreased 0.6% which is amazing. He has helped stay on my nutrition plan. I can't thank WestCA enough for helping me towards my fitness goal and I highly recommend WestCA if you want serious results!I highly recommend WestCa to anyone who’s serious about fitness and working out. Adam is my nutritionist and one of the physical trainers I work with at WestCa. He’s professional and understanding but also keeps my accountable to my goals! I highly recommend Adam and WestCa for all of your fitness goals.


Megan and Dorothy were very helpful. I highly recommend this gym to local San Jose residents. It helps with time managements and is very affordable with good vibes. My coworker and I come during lunch and get our workout in


I think the most important qualities of a gym is being in a community that is inclusive, supportive, and treat you like a human being. And Westca is just that. The community here not only cares about your health, but also you as a person.As someone who identifies as trans and queer this was the only gym that ever made feel safe about who I am. The staff have been super awesome (big shoutout out to the amazing human Maegs!) and make the genuine effort to honor my respective pronouns.I’ve been working with Ivan who is helping me reach my goals of living my true authentic self by preparing for my top surgery. Working Ivan has been a blast, as I can already feel much more confident in myself and working out than I did starting 4 weeks ago. As someone with severe depression and anxiety it has been absolutely healing to be here because of how extremely kind everyone is.I honestly brag a lot about being here. You wont make a mistake if you are thinking of working out here.


Fantastic gym. Everyone there is super friendly and you get a strong sense of community every time you walk in. The space is small but they make the most of it and I've never had any issues waiting too long for certain equipment. All the equipment is in good condition and anything that breaks usually gets fixed quickly. I moved out of San Jose and had to leave this gym but I'm really going to miss it.


Maegs is a great trainer, happy to have her positivity while training. The gym as a whole is very supportive and welcoming.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 100 reviews.

The address is: 30 N 3rd St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-564-0705

This service is listed under Gym .

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