24 Hour Fitness in San Jose, CA, offers an extensive array of cardio and strength training equipment, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and specialized workout rooms. Open 24/7, the gym ensures round-the-clock accessibility, attracting various fitness enthusiasts. Despite its size, the facility suffers from severe cleanliness issues, with frequent complaints about dirty restrooms, broken equipment, and a lack of maintenance. Staff friendliness varies, but there's an evident gap in customer service and overall hygiene standards. Some users appreciate the ample workout space and friendly staff, while others express concerns over safety and sanitation.


  • Open 24/7.
  • Variety of cardio and strength training equipment.
  • Large workout space.
  • Swimming pool and basketball courts available.
  • Specialized workout rooms (e.g., spin and dance rooms).
  • Friendly and helpful staff (some positive mentions).
  • Good trial offers (like a 30-day trial for $1).
  • Frequent cleaning efforts noticed by some users.
  • Some equipment gets fixed relatively quickly.
  • Ample parking space.


  • Frequent complaints about cleanliness.
  • Many broken or outdated machines.
  • Persisting safety issues and theft concerns.

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One of the worst fitness in the world. The management must be replaced please.


Finally fixed jets in men's hot tub.(year + down)


Walked in to two of the staff members cuddling and making out at the front desk really disturbing and unprofessional. Have seen homeless people just walk in to go to the showers and the staff doesn't even pay attention.. for how much we pay it's kinda discouraging to see others just walk in for free .. bathrooms and basketball court are very filthy and trash was overflowing my Boyfriend even mentioned that the mens bathroom looked like a highschool bathroom pee all over and piles of toilet paper everywhere. Equipment is okay some of the stuff doesn't even work 😕Overall not great for how much you pay I decided to cancel after seeing the staff all over each other and how unprofessional they were


This 24 Hour location and its operations are atrociously appealing. DON'T GO HERE! Go to the Santa Clara location!The womens' restroom is not properly attended to. One toilet had a bloody tampon in it. None of the stalls had toilet seat paper replenished.The water from the drinking fountain tastes horrible.I counted at least a dozen machines that were broken (some which did not have signs on them to indicate they are in need of maintenance). I ended my workout early because of my subpar experience.Management will probably reply to this stating they value a positive experience and they'll work to improve their operations. No one believes you. You don't manage this business well.


I don't need to talk about the conditions reestrooms...lol


I I tried to come to One Time Visit at 10.04 pm and Cole C who was standing on the front desk, told me that you can’t today because it’s already 4 minutes after 10:00 I understand rules but Sometimes you need to get into a position, although it takes brains.


This gym is super Durty and nasty.24 hrs corporation, please do something to change this location to a better place for your customers


What happened to being 24hours? Basketball gym closes at 9ish pm? used to play here on the night but not anymore also the staffs here aren’t working like actual staffs especially the women they be feelin like theyre at home


Weights indiscriminately disorganized, the most disorganized i’ve ever seen a gym. Wide variety of cable equipment which is good how ever some of the cable equipment is a bit older and has non adjustable range of motion limiting the actual stretch that muscle groups need to complete a rep. Overall the rating is mainly affected due to the state of cleanliness and biohazards of the facility, there is trash strewn about everywhere inside. During my experience there I used the unisex bathroom at the end of my workout and inside of the one toilet room was someone’s soiled clothing thrown everywhere around the toilet with fecal covered underwear lining the seat of the toilet. I left promptly after that. Would not recommend getting a membership at this specific 24 hour fitness until proper fixes have been addressed. Very generously giving a 3 star review but it is ignorant to give a lower score based entirely on 1 visit.


Thank you very much for your automated feedback, 24 Hour Fitness (Owner).  If it was important for you to provide a clean, comfortable environment for all gym members, we'd have seen improvements by now.  Unfortunately your establishment is still disappointing.  You have not been working to make improvements and so please don't pretend like you want to serve us better in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.4-star.

This business has 121 reviews.

The address is: 1610 Crane Ct, San Jose, CA 95112, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-490-3019

This service is listed under Gym .

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