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Krave Fitness, located in the Historic Saratoga Village, offers personalized training with a focus on achieving individual fitness goals. Matt, the head trainer, is known for his expertise, motivational approach, and personalized workout plans that target a variety of fitness aspects such as strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. With numerous positive reviews highlighting his commitment and ability to keep workouts engaging, clients appreciate the tangible results and enjoyable sessions.

Whether you’re an athlete, someone looking to improve daily fitness, or need specific training, Matt's knowledge and dedication make Krave Fitness an excellent choice. Open on weekdays and Saturdays, Krave Fitness ensures flexibility in scheduling to accommodate diverse routines.


  • Highly personalized workout plans.
  • Expertise in functional and strength training.
  • Focus on form and safety to prevent injuries.
  • Holistic approach including nutrition guidance.
  • Positive and motivational trainer.
  • Engaging and varied workout routines.
  • Effective results in strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.
  • Great atmosphere with a personable trainer.
  • Dedicated to client satisfaction.


  • Limited hours on weekends.
  • Closed on Sundays.
  • Tough workouts might not appeal to those looking for a gentler fitness routine.

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Hubby and I have had the pleasure of training with Matt for the last 3 months. Every session is a mix of weights, balance, cardio and core. Matt is an expert in Functional training and emphasizes stretching to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves. We have gone from dreading exercise to looking forward to it! The fine tuning and personalization really helps you safely push your limits and achieve more. We continue feeling stronger! Thank you Matt!


I started training with Matt less than a month ago and I can say with confidence that he's as good a fitness trainer as they come. He evaluates your individual needs and plans your workout accordingly, at a pace that is comfortable for you and yet pushes you to your limits such that you are actually able to meet your goals.10/10 - would highly recommend training with Matt.


Matt is a phenomenal trainer, incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of fitness, pays close attention to form, and takes a sincere interest in his clients. My teenage son has been going to him for a few months now and has a gained not only a new appreciation of exercise, but increased confidence in his physical abilities. In addition, his strength and flexibility have improved tremendously. Matt always provides a challenging, varied and personalize workout each session. I highly recommend him.


I have been training with Matt for a while now and love it!! From the beginning, he has been committed to helping me reach my fitness goals and continues to motivate me. He has a great attitude and is very personable. Not only does he know what he's doing, he has helped educate me along the way! Because of Matt, I have a better understanding of nutrition and exercise. I am so grateful to have Matt as a personal trainer! I recommend him to anyone who is looking to better their overall health!


My parents have been going to Matt twice a week for years with outstanding results on their overall strength and fitness, so when I decided I wanted help with my own workout routine, Matt felt like the most natural choice. When I talked with Matt about a very general idea of working on strength training and better flexibility, he knew how to assess my problem areas and work from there. In only 3 months time Matt has been able to help me build muscle strength, better flexibility, and obtain higher energy throughout the day on a twice a week workout routine. Whether your goals are specific to weight loss, strength training, or overcoming an injury, Matt will gladly give you the support you need. He is a trainer who truly cares about his work and his clients!


I was a Division 1 soccer player at Saint Mary's and graduated a couple years ago. I still play for fun at least twice a week and wanted to continue my strength training because it's important to me. I found Matt through a Google search, read his reviews and thought he was qualified. After meeting Matt I realized quickly that he is knowledgeable, experienced and professional. He was interested in knowing my goals, he went through the most detailed assessment that I have seen from a trainer and then he designed a customized program for me to address flexibility and postural issues. My core strength has never been stronger, I have no aches or pains other than when we have a tough workout and I truly enjoy my three days a week training at Krave Fitness. If you're considering hiring a personal trainer I highly recommend calling Matt first and you won't be disappointed by your results!


I first came across Krave Fitness after seeing multiple friends "checking in" via social media, and decided I had to check it out for myself. I have always been an active person and avid yogi, but I was looking for a new type of work out. After meeting with Matt, he quickly created a personalized workout routine and diet plan for me that was viable, effective and just the type of challenge my body needed. Matt's expertise and unique workouts were just what I was looking for. I instantly starting shedding body fat, increasing muscle mass and getting the toned body I've always wanted. Matt's positive attitude and great sense of humor make working out fun! I have referred many of my friends to Matt, who all agree his individual and group training is simply the best. If you're looking to transform your body and improve your overall well being, Matt will help you get there!


Matt has a keen eye for details and wants his clients to have an enjoyable experience while working out. You want to lose weight, tone and build muscles, then you will have the results if you follow his lead.He can be tough, but at the end of the workout you feel that you got your monies worth every minute you are with him.I know I wouldn't be as consistent in working out without him. Having Matt holds me accountable.I would highly recommend Matt!What better way to start 2015!!!


Matt is hands down the best trainer I've worked with! He is constantly switching up the routine which keeps it fun and exciting, while whipping you into shape. My husband and I both started training with Matt before our wedding and the results have been awesome! He also helped guide us to a healthy meal plan. Matt definitely cares about his clients overall well being and pushes you to achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.


I have been a client of Matt's for over 2 years now and all I can say is GO FOR IT! If you are ready to make a change, Matt with Krave fitness is your answer. He is patient while pushing you to achieve your best! You will never be bored with his workouts as they are never the same - he keeps your interest while working every muscle.In addition to the quality of his training he has a wonderful personality and is a pleasure to work with. He likes to have fun and have a good laugh, but thankfully never at my lack of coordination! If you are looking for a trainer that is not intimidating but still pushes you to succeed Matt is your answer.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 14440 Big Basin Way #12a, Saratoga, CA 95070, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-930-7685

This service is listed under Personal Trainer .

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