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Orangetheory Fitness, located on Silver Creek Valley Road in San Jose, CA, provides a comprehensive full-body workout experience. The gym offers unique heart-monitoring equipment, allowing members to track their progress through engaging cardio, strength, and endurance exercises. With an emphasis on cleanliness and professionalism, the friendly staff and experienced coaches keep members motivated with varied and inspiring workout routines.

However, despite its positive aspects, some users have experienced issues with the heart-rate monitoring equipment and customer service. Overall, Orangetheory Fitness delivers an energetic and inclusive environment suitable for all fitness levels.


  • Full-body workouts.
  • Friendly and professional staff.
  • Energetic and motivational coaches.
  • Clean facility.
  • Heart-monitoring equipment to track progress.
  • Variety of cardio and strength exercises.
  • Supportive group environment.
  • Engaging workout routines.
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Issues with heart-rate monitoring equipment.
  • Customer service could be improved.
  • Busy during peak times.

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I love the workout at OTF. You are able to monitor your workout with the heart monitor and see progress between workouts. The classes at OTF provide a variety of exercises, including cardio, strength, and endurance. The staff and coaches are super friendly and it is cleaner than any gym!


It’s in a group so you get instant inspiration. It’s very methodical so you stay focused It’s new ever time so you are not bored It’s guided so you are not distracted by anything else. It keeps you mindful.Coach Vinh is very engaging. He always helps with the form and gives alternate exercises. I find him very very organized with his class.The OTBeat (HR monitor) could do with an upgrade. Many a times, it doesn’t read the HR at the right time hence showing incorrect color band on the screen as opposed to my Apple watch. I have learned to look past it and enjoy the workout. OTF workouts are the best mindfulness practice that I do that day.


I love taking classes with coach Vinh! He always makes sure I’m doing the exercises with a good form. I just took a class today with coach Gaby and her playlist is amazing.


4 star for OTF Coaches, idea behind OTF and bundle of Exercises.0 star- OTF Silver Creek front staff and Manager Ms. Chloe Bell for the way they handle customer's complaint (with unbelievable excuses).Here are the details:I joined OTF silver creek in October as Elite member and just after 2 classes, I requested them to upgrade to the Premium as I liked it very much. I got Tbeat (The band you wear on your arm during exercise) as compliment (due to the membership). I attended total 15 classes till date and this faulty Tbeat did not work in 3 classes and when I complained about it for the first time, I was told that it was a technical glitch but it should be ok in future. It stopped working again some other day and I took the matter to them again and I was told if that happens again, will see into it. It stopped working again today (11/13/2022) and when I conveyed this for 3rd time, I was told by Ms. Chloe that she will confirm in the future classes that it's the band. (While I was breathing heavily during the exercise but the band is showing heat rate at 68 so according to Ms. Chloe, it's my blood vessels messing up and is not sync with my heart) :>.Once they sell you something, you are on your own, they are not gonna take care of it, neither will they refund.Dear OTF Silver Creek, If you are charging hefty amount (209$/month), your standards for the customer service should match that level too. Highly unsatisfied!!!


I really enjoyed the work out today with Mitch. The music was good and just the right volume, I like that today we did a fair amount of weights and core. Also he doesn’t keep the voice mic too loud. I also really like when the instructors point out correct form. Front desk staff is very friendly. I’m speaking about the Silver Creek location.


Instructor lead workouts with amazing music to keep you motivated. I like the variety of cardio and floor work. Coaches are always friendly and vigilant about correcting form and offering alternatives if needed. I've met some wonderful friend's who keep me motivated to come. The studios feels like home, from the moment you walk in your greeted by your name. The front desk crew is so pleasant, energized and helpful. It's a wonderful place to for all fitness levels. Give it a try!


I love that it’s a full body workout and it’s a different one everyday. The coaches are great and keep us motivated throughout the workout. The facility is always clean and the admins are always so welcoming and friendly. Overall the positive energy gives you motivation for working out.


OTF workouts are fun and challenging. They offer a complete body program that includes both cardio and weights. Also, all the coaches and staff are super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend OTF for anyone who wants to get into shape.


I have been a OTF member since 2019 and though this location is not my home studio, it is definitely one of my favorite locations. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. The coaches here are great. It can be a pretty busy studio, so I'd definitely suggest to arrive early enough if you have a favorite station. I've never had an issue though.


I can’t say enough about this place! It has changed my life in many ways! My cardio health is the best it’s ever been! I love that I can go in and not think about what to workout like a traditional gym! The staff is friendly and environment always clean & professional!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.7-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5687 Silver Creek Valley Rd, San Jose, CA 95138, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-495-4180

This service is listed under Gym .

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