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San Jose Boxing & Fitness (SJBF) stands out as a premier boxing gym in the Country Club Villa Shopping area, San Jose, CA. The gym offers a range of classes catering to all ages and skill levels, promoting an inclusive and supportive environment. The coaches are experienced fighters, dedicated to helping members improve at their own pace, making everyone feel welcome and motivated.

The facility is well-maintained with excellent equipment and a varied class schedule that includes boxing, kickboxing, strength training, and HIIT. Whether you're looking to boost fitness, learn boxing, or gain confidence, SJBF is a top choice for personal growth and community support.


  • Friendly and experienced coaches
  • Wide range of classes for all ages
  • Supportive and inclusive environment
  • Excellent equipment and facilities
  • Clean and well-maintained gym
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Personalized attention and feedback
  • Variety in workouts to prevent monotony
  • Focus on complete fitness
  • Strong sense of community


  • Limited hours on weekends
  • May be crowded during peak hours
  • Some classes may require advanced booking

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I've been to few gyms, but has became my new consistent one I go to. Reason being is that the coaches are phenomenal, and all of them are either amateur or pro fighters. They truly want you to get better at boxing, and are willing to teach you at your pace.

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This has been long overdue but to put it simply, if you're looking for a place for fitness, to learn boxing, or to just grow confidence. Whatever it is, this is the place to be. All staff member's including head Coach Jesse are all here to help and THEY WANT you to grow as an individual , whatever your goals or journey ! NO discrimination or anything negative whatsoever. Everything at this gym is about the potential to become your better self than the day before.


Very nice well maintained gym with nice equipment. Great customer service and breakdown of the fees and member benefits. Jesse made sure to take care of our needs in a smooth manner. My son and I are really looking forward to starting his lessons.


I have never been one to go to gyms, but SJBF does a great job at making people feel welcome. They have a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels, and I would recommend visiting in person to check out the schedule.The instructors are very knowledgeable and provide great feedback and motivation. The workouts are very engaging and while challenging, are very rewarding. SJBF is an awesome small gym that is great for people looking to learn and be challenged.


This place is awesome. There are great people willing to help you in every class and the instructors are patient with everyones ability and capacity to improve. The variety of classes also helps keep the body out of routine so you continue to grow and progress weekly. Everyone is focused on working hard but still having a great time. It's the funnest thing I have done to stay in shape and would recommend at least trying a couple classes!


Great boxing Gym! The Coaches are friendly. They have a variety of classes from Strength Training ,Boxing and kickboxing. Every class pushes you to a new level and makes sure that you are on the right track of achieving your goal! You will keep learning something new and interesting every time you make it into CALI BOXING & FITNESS!!!


Coach Lopez, Ebarle, Rocha, and Moreno are awesome! They are patience while teaching us various boxing and kickboxing combos. They have various exercise/drills to help strengthen our punches and kicks. I enjoy every minute of the class! Everyone is very approachable and willing to help! I highly recommend this gym!


SJBF is a small, humble gym nestled in the foothills of the Alum Rock hills with a wide variety of classes appropriate from young kids to adults. The gym welcomes all members and all levels of the community, regardless of experience. The staff are knowledgeable and believe in the fitness of their members, ensuring they are comfortable and relieved of any anxiousness. I have been attending the gym for a little less than a year, but I feel comfortable with the members, staff, and atmosphere at SJ Boxing & Fitness.


I tried multiple boxing gyms and decided to choose this one. Attending it for the past 1.5 years and pretty happy so far. Staff is friendly and knowledgable, every day there is a different kind of workout. Monday and Thursday are sparring days. If you don't want to spar - work on bags. Here you can find people with very different skills (some of them are completely new, some of them are quite advanced). A lot of folks who attend this gym work in IT companies. Overall atmosphere is good, supportive. I like it. Would I recommend it? Sure. Five stars from me.


What I love about this place is that the focus is on complete fitness combined with coaches who know their boxing and HIIT.You workout with people at all kinds of fitness level and the coaches here will push you, but not make you feel uncomfortable.The people here are will be respectful of your fitness levels and will work with you to be better, not the typical "look at the mirror" patronage you get accustomed to in gyms.I've been going to Cali Boxing for about 2 years now, and in that time, I have not just met my fitness goals, I've surpassed them and created more boxing oriented goals.If you want to improve your strength and endurance, and pick up some new skills while you are at it, this is the place for you!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 3469 McKee Rd, San Jose, CA 95127, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-729-5269

This service is listed under Boxing Gym .

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