King's Camps and Fitness in San Carlos, CA, is a premier gym for obstacle course training and fitness. Offering a wide range of obstacles, such as walls, ramps, ropes, and monkey bars, it caters to both beginners and advanced athletes. The coaches, led by Mike King, provide expert guidance and keep workouts challenging and engaging. The gym also hosts birthday parties and camps that kids love.

While the community and workouts receive positive feedback, the gym's reservation system has caused frustration for some customers. Despite this, the overall friendly and supportive environment makes King's Camps and Fitness an ideal place for fitness enthusiasts.


  • Highly experienced trainers.
  • Great for obstacle course training.
  • Welcoming and friendly environment.
  • Engaging and challenging workouts.
  • Ideal for all fitness levels.
  • Fun and effective for kids' parties.
  • Offers unique obstacle course races.
  • Positive community vibes.
  • Excellent gym cleanliness.
  • Flexible class schedules.


  • Issues with reservation system.
  • Some complaints about customer service.
  • Limited support for missed sessions.


Spacious gym offering TRX, cardio & other classes, plus an obstacle course & youth programs.

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If they dont like kids, they shouldnt organize birthday parties. We were rushed through the party, and invited to go toward the entrance 10mns before the end. Kids were not authorized to play during the cake time. One folk taking care of the kids was nice, the others mostly here to do their job.


Kings Camps and Fitness literally gave me back my energy and personal strength. Great place for all to feel comfortable and valued. But GE prepared to work (fun work)!


We reserved and paid in full for 3 sessions through King's Camp website for 3 kids and received 3 separate confirmation emails and receipts. But upon arriving, the owner, Mike, claimed he did not receive any reservation. He just kept saying we need to purchase a pass and that reserving through their website does not equate to booking the session. He does not properly explain how to do so through his website or why receiving email receipts does not equate to successful transaction. Then he got flustered and claimed he has other parents waiting for the class and he can only see if there's still space for our kids after the start of the class. (He runs the whole business by himself - he can't answer questions when he's driving, he can't help with questions when running a class, he doesn't respond to voicemails. He basically has no time for any new customers or questions.). First off, if the class is full, then why does the website still allow reservation? Mike makes no attempt at apologizing for the confusing website reservation system and when we physically went to the school for an explanation, he continues to have no answers. He insisted he was in class and cannot talk. So we asked him what time would be convenient for him to have a conversation? He had no answer again!!!! He simply says to call him -- but he doesn't respond to voicemails! He couldn't handle the simplest of question of when we can get a refund or how to resolve the issue. He was rude, impatient, flustered and completely incompetent!! He started yelling at us and literally had a mental breakdown. How does anyone run a business and not understand their own website reservation system, how to properly answer a customer's concern, or even when he's available for a call?! It's as simple as I'm sorry for your trouble and please call us at XX time so we can address your concerns.If he can't even answer a simple question, then how much trust should you put in him to handle your children and their safety? Worst customer service experience ever!!!


I intended to give Kings a try right before Covid made everything weird and scary for a long while. 8w ago I decided it was time to follow through with my original plan: I tried a few classes and felt humbled but also welcome. I climb a lot and used to be a pretty avid runner. King's started to show me the value and pleasure if "pushing" exercises, along with regimen, structure and support. When summer trips were over I committed to the 3mo new client program on the grounds I show up every day. I am at the end of week 6, only missed one day on account of work keeping me up til 2am. I cannot more highly recommend the community, regimen and approach to these early morning classes. Wish I would have started sooner.


We had our kid’s 6th birthday party here; it was amazing! He had the best time, and so did the 20+ kids who attended. The obstacles were just right for the group. The staff were great with engaging the kids and showing them what to do. They were tremendous with the small things too, like lighting candles and cutting/serving cake.


This is a review of their kids summer ninja warrior camp. I may expand upon this review at a later time, but the short version is, if your kid catches COVID or any other illness, don't count on getting any kind of make-up session for missed …


I came to King's Camp to prepare for my first Spartan race and got hooked. This place is amazing and everyone is so helpful and knowledgable. Regardless of your level, they are working with you and encouraging you every step of the way. I absolutely recommend this place!


I came here to learn how to use the obstacles for my upcoming Spartan race. The instructor Alecia was super chill and helpful. The class was only an hour but I could spend all day playing around in this place. Like a big play structure for adults lol. Will definitely be coming back for more Spartan training with my crew. 💪🙌 …


We love the place, coach Mike is awesome and know how to work with kids very well. The other coaches are amazing as well. The respect all kids and all levels, and let the kids feel good about h where they are, and celebrate their achievements. Highly recommend this place for regular classes, birthday parties and camp.


It's a great little gym and Elisha has a lot of positive energy. They have almost all of the obstacles to practice (except the speak throw -- insurance!) and can give you guidance on technique if you're new to OCR or Spartan. Definitely works your grip strength and shoulders more than a typical gym. Highly recommended.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 1100 Industrial Rd STE 13, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States .

The contact number is +1 650-885-9804

This service is listed under Gym .

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