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Located at 4710 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, Orangetheory Fitness offers a high-energy, coach-led workout experience. The trainers, like Tawni and Conner, provide motivational and diverse classes that keep members engaged. The front desk staff is always welcoming, ensuring a friendly atmosphere for all members. Additionally, with a spotless facility and accessible parking, Orangetheory Fitness stands out as a top pick for fitness enthusiasts.

However, some members have reported issues with the management, particularly regarding customer service and equipment replacements. Despite this, the enthusiastic coaches, vibrant community, and clean environment make it a popular choice for many.


  • Motivational and supportive coaches.
  • Friendly and welcoming staff.
  • Clean and well-maintained facility.
  • Variety in workout routines.
  • Convenient class schedule.
  • Accessible parking.
  • Engaging and fun workouts.
  • Flexible for healthcare workers.
  • Positive and inclusive atmosphere.


  • Issues with management and customer service.
  • High membership cost.
  • Inflexibility with class timing for cancellations.

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I was hesitant to join this gym as it was a major step away from the smaller ones I had been going to. I immediately was drawn to the support of the trainers (Conner and Tawni) and welcome from the amazing staff. The classes are great. You come in and don’t have to think. You don’t socialize. You sweat and work. That’s what a gym should be.Added bonus that you can check into any gym. They make it super easy to get in shape and stay that way.Lastly, I love the personal welcome you get while checking into the gym from the front desk staff. They are always personable and helpful. They set the tone for a fun and accepting experience.


Amazing desk staff. Sophia, Jorge, & Jessica are wonderful staff who work really hard to keep everything running smoothly at the gym. They especially carried things for a while when they were transitioning managers. The gym is the cleanest and hottest in temperature.The issue is bad customer service with management and the group that owns the franchise. They sold a bad heart monitor link to me, and I have yet to see a replacement. (It's been three months) When a product is bad, see all reviews on Reddit and elsewhere, the corporation should exchange for a regular burner. The link was very expensive. Instead I've been borrowing a heart rate monitor. This is difficult due to all my travel. The regional manager offered for me to pay half for one. I don't understand how this is a good policy. My home gym, MidTown, owned by another owner offered to make it right even though it wasn't their fault. We have been attending Land Park due to the scheduling convenience in comparison with Midtown. MidTown has the best customer's just full at the hours we would like to visit at times. It's a popular place. We are really disappointed that the lack of integrity with Land Park's owners and upper management make it difficult to further endorse.


I absolutely love the coaches and staff at this OTF location. Everyone is sooo welcoming and so friendly. For someone who was completely new to the community, they welcomed me so graciously. I truly appreciate how the front staff/coaches try to memorize the clients name. They truly have an amazing customer experience. The location itself is maintained and clean. Love OTF fam!


Efficient 1 hour whole body workout.


Was so excited for my first workout after having my baby, but I never got to experience it. You have to be 30 mins early for your first workout, which I really tried to make but between needing to comfort my toddler and my baby needing to nurse longer than expected, I was running a little late. An employee called while we were driving to tell us the cut off was 8 am and we told them we were a few mins away and they said that was fine. We arrived at 8:01 am and the two hadn’t communicated because the employee at the front desk said we missed the cutoff and needed to leave and pay a $35 late cancellation fee. We spent over 5 mins arguing back and forth…time that could have been spent doing our paperwork and getting the tour. They finally agreed that we could still workout but by now we felt so mistreated that we just asked them not to charge us, which they agreed to. Another group walked in over 5 mins after us and the employees rolled their eyes and asked if they were with us…like it was our fault that now EVERYONE was late. I’ve been to so many gyms and have never been treated like this.


Great studio and coaches!


Casey is the best! Great staff


Great coach specially Amelia!!! Very clean studio!!!


The trainers are great and the workouts always push me


Engaged/enthusiastic coaches who do great job motivating and very welcoming staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 4710 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-800-5532

This service is listed under Gym .

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