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Hot 8 Yoga, located in the vibrant Santana Row, San Jose, offers a serene escape for both novice and seasoned yogis. The studio boasts a variety of classes ranging from hot yoga to power and yin yoga, ensuring there's something for everyone. The professional and kind instructors, combined with welcoming support staff, create a positive atmosphere that keeps members motivated and coming back. The amenities, including showers, lockers, and eucalyptus towels, add to the overall experience, making it a favorite spot for many.

Although parking can be a challenge during peak hours, the extensive class schedules accommodate busy routines. The clean and modern facilities, coupled with strict hygiene practices, ensure a pristine environment for practicing yoga. Despite minor issues like crowded locker rooms and occasional variance in instructor quality, Hot 8 Yoga's commitment to providing an inclusive and rejuvenating experience makes it highly recommended by its members.


  • Variety of class options.
  • Professional and kind instructors.
  • Convenient class schedules.
  • Located in vibrant Santana Row.
  • Clean and well-maintained facilities.
  • Amenities include showers, lockers, and eucalyptus towels.
  • Welcoming and supportive staff.
  • Positive atmosphere.
  • Trial packages for new members.
  • Focus on both physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Parking can be challenging during peak hours.
  • Locker rooms can be crowded.
  • Inconsistent quality among some instructors.

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Glad that I joined here; it became an integral part of my life. And yes, instructors have been very good and a clean place to practice.Just that both my abdomen and glutes muscles have often been pushed to its limit 😅….! …


I have absolutely loved and enjoy all the classes I have taken here. They are always so relaxing. I always feel very comfortable here and the teachers have all been great! Very helpful with poses and making sure you’re getting the stretch you need. A few of my coworkers have taken some classes with me too!


Best hot yoga studio ever! I hated hot yoga until I started taking classes here. Love the variety of classes offer also!


The studio is beautiful and full of amenities. Teachers and staff are nice and friendly. The room for flow/power yoga is way too hot.


I’ve been going to Hot 8 for a couple of months now. I was really skeptical at first because I usually have a low tolerance for the heat. However, my roommate convinced me to try it and I’m glad she did! They have a variety of classes, which I love. The heat doesn’t really bother me anymore and I always feel great after doing a class. Would recommend to try.


Highly suggest taking advantage of the one week free trial after first session. I did and now I'm hooked! Love Hot8Yoga! I am so glad I finally tried this workout as I regularly do Barry's, work with a trainer, run + and have been trying to slim down before a trip to San Diego with my girls. This workout helped me do just that - drop weight in a few weeks - and look lean while still keeping muscle tone. There are so many options for classes at all hours of the day so super convenient too.


This studio is amazing! All the staff is very kind and helpful and young. So many different time availabilities for class is very convenient, and they even have an app that makes it super easy to sign up for classes and see the schedule. If you’re hesistant or not sure if this studio is for you - try out their welcome week package. You’ll see that the cleanliness and variety of classes and class times is unbeatable.


Super friendly staff and a nice variety of classes. The instructors are great as well. I’d recommend since the amenities are nice as well.Comparatively priced to other high end studios in the area.


Hot 8 consistently executes on top flight customer service, with facilities and amenities to match, along with classes & instructor diversity to meet every skill level and workout mood.


Life changing! Love the facilities and classes. I find myself telling friends about it all the time. Would definitely recommend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 355 Santana Row Suite 5050, San Jose, CA 95128, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-935-2193

This service is listed under Yoga Studio .

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