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24 Hour Fitness at McKee Road, San Jose, offers a wide array of exercise equipment and amenities. The gym features cardio and strength-training machines, free weights, a sauna, a steam room, and a pool. Despite its ample offerings, the facility suffers from overcrowding, cleanliness issues, and poor maintenance. Many complaints highlight broken machines and unsanitary conditions, especially in the locker rooms and showers.

The staff receives mixed reviews; while some members praise their friendliness, others criticize their lack of attentiveness and professionalism. Despite the negatives, the gym remains a popular choice for many due to its extensive equipment and spacious environment.


  • Wide variety of exercise equipment
  • Sauna, steam room, and pool available
  • Friendly staff
  • Spacious environment
  • 24-hour access (most days)
  • Classes available
  • Equipment is usually in good shape
  • Cleanliness improving thanks to some staff
  • Great crowd and friendly atmosphere
  • Easy check-in and out


  • Overcrowded, especially during peak hours
  • Maintenance issues with broken equipment
  • Unclean locker rooms and showers

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1) THEY TAKE WAY TOO LONG REPAIR THE BROKEN MACHINES. 2) They run out paper towels very often. 3) The water faucets seems broken since not too much water comes out from them. 4) THEY HAVE A SQUAT RACK WITH MISSING BAR HOLDERS (see photo). 5) They don't often clean the toilets. 6) Many times there's is missing toilet paper. 7) Many machines missing adjustment screw knobs (see pictures). 8) No soap for washing hands as they often run out. 9) They also run out of disinfectant water sprays. 10) Last comment, Many times it's really packed with people. So they have a lot of subscriptions so they have money but they are being stingy in not taking care of the items mentioned above.

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This place is incredible, I really liked it and the staff was good.


24 hour is totally a scam-- broken and old equipment, dirty floors and women restroom, overcrowded and rude employees....


This fitness is sucks you can work out here they take the screws out of the machines you can lift you have to bring your own screwdriver so you’ll be able to work out the machines if you tell the staff they even tell you just bring your own tool I mean we pay so much a big amount and they’re not able to fix their machines. They should be able to do something. Don’t mind going here it’s ghetto.


This place is a dumpDirty lockers, water fountains never work. Pins for all the machines are missing so you have to bring your own pin to use machines and they're making money, this gym is aways busy.Also broken glass all over the parking lot so cars are getting broken into all the time, be careful.I have my lock on my locker pried off and my wallet stolen and the people at the front desk didn't even seem to care...Can't recommend this gym at all


I've been on 24 for over a year. And now I live near this gym and it is the scruppiest of all the gyms I know. Very dirty. Today I came to exercise and it turns out that no machine has the pin or screw to adjust the weights or separating screw. You must LEAVE THE KEYS TO THE CAR AND THEY LEND YOU AN OALER, I went to the reception and reported this and the person who was there told me THAT UNTIL THE OTHER WEEK THEY WILL PUT THEM INTO THE MACHINES. IT REALLY IS A SHAME TO PAY $54 a month for this bad service. I put one star because you can't be poor any less. The sauna and jaccusi is a pig. And I have photos I'll see if I can upload them


Broken machines that take months to fix and staff are late for almost an hour to open the gym.


A lot of the machines are missing the pins to hold the weights, you can’t even get a proper workout routine in here unless you use free weights or do cardio.


9pm on Wednesday. People just walk in without checking in. Why do I even pay for membership????? It’s a free gym apparently. 11/15/23 someone stole all the pins to the machines so they are useless. This place is so ghetto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The exercise machines are missing the stick inserts for a good couple of weeks at least, and can’t use the machines anymore. Staff does not care as they’re not concerned. Everyone is complaining. This is bad. Also bath showers run out of soap all the time. Last time the swimming trunk dryer machine was out. Bad quality and work by these people.Watch out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.3-star.

This business has 110 reviews.

The address is: 2323 McKee Rd, San Jose, CA 95116, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-457-6866

This service is listed under Gym .

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