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Hyper Strength and Conditioning (HSC) in San Jose offers a welcoming and supportive environment for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The thoroughly dedicated and knowledgeable coaches, such as Phil, Shane, Nicole, and Austin, provide personalized and professional training in both individual and small-group settings. HSC's focus on proper technique and tailored fitness goals helps members achieve noticeable results while enjoying their workout sessions in a clean and well-equipped facility.

Located at 404 N 13th St, the gym features convenient operating hours and a variety of programs aimed at different fitness levels and goals. The emphasis on creating a non-judgmental, community-oriented atmosphere makes it an inviting space for everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes. Whether you're looking to improve your strength, learn lifting techniques, or enhance your athletic performance, HSC offers a comprehensive and enjoyable workout experience.


  • Highly knowledgeable and supportive coaches.
  • Welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • Personalized training plans.
  • Convenient hours and location.
  • Well-equipped, clean facility.
  • Small group classes available.
  • Focus on proper form and technique.
  • Friendly and motivating staff.
  • Positive and fun gym environment.
  • Successful health and fitness results.


  • Limited weekend hours.
  • Prices may be steep for some.
  • Sessions may require advanced booking.

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I train with Nicole, and she is a great mentor. She pushes me to progress gradually, making sure I am aiming for the right amount and degree of the training. Everyone in the gym is very friendly, which creates a comfortable, non-judgemental environment for others.


Working with Nicole and the HSC team has been amazing! She makes me feel like I’m in my anime training arc. It gets tough but she helps me through it and keep progressing. She always checks in to make sure the work feels ok in my body and that we are reaching the goal we set. Every session is fun, it’s like we’re hanging out and I don’t even realize how many sets of exercises I finish.


This gym has the friendliest staff around! The coaches Phil and Kolin are always pushing me to give it my all. I love this place!


Just started here recently. I love the atmosphere, the coaches are all awesome! And the gym goers all have a positive mentality about them. Very convenient times! In addition, the gym has contests and fun challenges.


Hyper strength and conditioning is hands down the best gym i’ve ever been to. Philip, Simon, Jessi, Gabe and all the other coaches at the gym have been exceptional through out my time here. The amount of time, and dedication that each and every coach puts into their work out is unparalleled. I could not recommend this gym enough. Everyone here is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.


I’ve been working with Shane for several months and what a difference it’s made to my health. When I was younger and had the time and focus, I used to work out regularly. Fast forward 20 years and my cardio was shot, strength was way down and overall I was feeling out of shape and unbalanced. I figured I needed to do something now because it’ll only get harder. I looked around for a place that wouldn’t be intimidating but was a serious gym. After meeting Shane we went over my goals and he designed a custom program to help me achieve them. 3 months later, 40lbs lighter, lean muscle mass has gone up significantly and my cardio is hugely improved. I feel stronger, look better, and am motivated to work out. It’s been a game changer and maybe a literal life saver.


Can't say enough great things about HSC. My daughter has been doing semi-private group training with Shane for over a year now, it has been invaluable to her progress as an athelte preparing for the collegiate level. I have also now joined semiprivate training with Shane, to meet overall health goals. The knowledge, support and attention to detail when it comes to planning out the workouts is unmatched. Not to mention the positive atmosphere and over all KIND HUMANS!! Thank you


I’ve been coming to HSC for a few months now and I work out in a semi private class with coach Shane and I love it so much! My fitness was pretty directionless for a few years and it’s so nice to have steady progress and great feedback to work with now. Shane has also been great at creatively working with an old shoulder injury of mine, and it’s so exciting to not be held back by it!


I entered a 6 month semi-private training with them and during the whole time there was absolutely wonderful! The coaches there are so energetic/optimistic/fun! Especially Nicole, she was my trainer. I’ve never worked out after high school so I never knew how to do certain exercises like deadlifts and so so much more. Nicole is always encouraging me to do more, she is so patient and understanding with me whenever I worked out. She’s also great at small talk so it’s never awkward. Shane also trained me for a week while Nicole was gone, he was also patient and a great guy to talk to. Although the prices are a bit steep, they have different options and multiple classes for you to choose/join. I love both the coaches and their gym there. Highly recommended.


This gym has such a fun and supportive atmosphere! All the coaches are so welcoming and personable. No egos, no judgement and everyone here just wants to genuinely support each other’s fitness journey. I signed up for the small-group classes with Coach Shane and he is truly an amazing coach. He’s very knowledgeable , encouraging and always makes sure you’re doing the proper form. He puts together a programming that challenges you and helps reach your goals. I highly recommend joining!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 26 reviews.

The address is: 404 N 13th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-663-3561

This service is listed under Gym .

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