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LFBA San Jose, previously SMÜV, offers a welcoming environment for both new and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Located at 1710 Berryessa Rd, the studio specializes in Lagree, a low-impact but challenging workout that is both effective and enjoyable. With its intimate class sizes, typically maxing at 8, instructors can provide personalized attention to ensure proper form and posture. The studio is exceptionally clean and well-maintained with various amenities like towels and makeup wipes to cater to individuals with busy schedules.

Classes run from Tuesday to Saturday with early morning and evening sessions available, making it convenient for any timetable. The energetic and motivating instructors, coupled with great music, create a supportive environment where clients feel encouraged to push their limits safely. Whether you’re looking for a short but effective workout or a community to keep you motivated, LFBA San Jose successfully caters to your fitness needs.


  • Friendly and welcoming instructors
  • Intimate class sizes with personalized attention
  • Effective 40-minute workouts
  • Clean and well-maintained studio
  • Great for both beginners and experienced clients
  • Motivating environment with energetic music
  • Offers various amenities like towels and makeup wipes
  • Convenient class times for busy schedules
  • Supportive atmosphere encouraging consistent workout routines


  • Classes fill up quickly so book early
  • Initial learning curve for new Lagree users
  • Limited class availability on Sundays and Mondays

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Pre-COVID, I was at one of my best levels of fitness since high school. During COVID, however, I really struggled to keep that up, and eventually, let it go. After COVID, I tried getting back into things, and just couldn’t seem to get anything to stick. Then, I found LFBA San Jose. The staff has been incredibly encouraging, patient, and supportive as I’ve restarted my fitness journey. I am encouraged to ask for help with complex moves or for accommodations if my strength is still building to a move. I feel accomplished after each class, and I can feel my body getting stronger each week. The 40 min class makes it so easy to fit into my schedule and the 6:10 am class makes it easy for me to get in a workout before work. The studio is clean, and the equipment is well kept. I highly recommend at least trying the first free class. You will likely want to come back for more.


LFBA provides a great challenging workout. I always look forward to going and feel great after. The instructors are very clear, attentive, and help correct your form when needed. I would recommend this class to anyone who’s looking to get a good sweat session in!


I am new to lagree and was nervous when I first walked in but the instructor was all super friendly and encouraging! I enjoyed my first class so I purchased the first month trial they offered. The workout is definitely challenging itself but I always walked out feeling better and stronger! I highly recommend this studio and don’t hesitate to try lagree!


I absolutely love LFBA! The instructors are fantastic, and the classes have helped me improve my strength and flexibility. The studio has a welcoming and calming atmosphere that makes each session a joy. I highly recommend LFBA to anyone looking to enhance their Pilates practice or start their journey to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle!


Fantastic lagree fitness community in South Bay! I've been going here a couple months and it's really been the best way for me to get a GOOD QUALITY workout in only 40 minutes, which is so ideal for anyone who has a busy schedule and cannot commit to 2-3 hours at a gym. The classes can be quite challenging but with such supportive and motivating instructors guiding the way, it's actually really enjoyable and will have you wanting to come back. The studio is also incredibly well maintained, cleaned, and kept to a high standard. I'm always looking forward to my lagree classes and feel so grateful to have LFBA so close to me :-)


I've completed 6 session in the last 2 weeks and I've really enjoyed the new adventure of Lagree! I went in totally not even knowing what Lagree was to having a huge love/hate relationship each class.All the instructors so far have been awesome, from having really great energy to easy to follow cues each session. I also wanted to add that the music each class is banging !!Overall, my core and entire body have never felt this time of "stress" in my lifetime, but I'm definitely up for the challenge !


I have been attending classes at LFBA for a few weeks now and I really enjoy it. The class is 40 minutes long and different every time. There are no breaks so it feels like you get a lot done in the class time. The instructors are super helpful and will help you correct your form. This was my first time trying Lagree so it did take me a few classes to get used to the machine, but I feel a lot more comfortable now. I highly recommend giving this studio a try!


Attending the classes here have really motivated me to start working out more consistently. My favorite instructor, Sharon, does a wonderful job and makes class go by surprisingly fast. Would definitely recommend to anyone, even if you’re not sure like I was!


LFBA is awesome for those looking for a quick (40 minutes) low impact, yet tough-as-hell workout. With an intimate class size, the instructors are able to keep everyone safe and are attentive to those who are new. It is such a bonus that everyone on the team are energetic and encouraging. They also play great music, which adds to the experience. Both the San Jose and Fremont locations have a light, clean, and modern design with cute decorations. I can't help but feel rejuvenated when I step in a studio! LFBA is where I like to spend my "me days." I feel lucky the San Jose location is close to home :)


Love coming to this studio! All the instructors have been so motivating and accommodating (especially with my back injury). My first class here was with Jeanette and she offered some good tips and modifications to not put more strain in my back. These classes may seem easy but they’re definitely not! I’m always surprised how much I sweat through them. Happy to say I’ve been coming here consistently and it truly doesn’t disappoint!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 17 reviews.

The address is: 1710 Berryessa Rd #101, San Jose, CA 95133, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-320-8436

This service is listed under Fitness Center .

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