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Equinox Century City, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is a high-end gym that promises an unrivaled workout experience. Whether you prefer individual workouts or group classes, this gym is well-equipped to cater to all your fitness needs.

Despite its appealing features, some users feel that the club falls short in several aspects, such as an unbalanced distribution of equipment and early closing hours. Nevertheless, Equinox Century City prides itself on offering a clean, organized, and immaculate environment for fitness enthusiasts.


  • Positives include spacious locker rooms and a balanced variety of fitness classes.
  • Staff is often mentioned as being professional and welcoming, providing an exceptional fitness experience.
  • The environs are clean and well-maintained.
  • Members enjoy the convenience of its location within Westfield Century City.
  • Despite being less spacious compared to other Equinox clubs, the Executive plan offered is appreciated for perks such as laundry service.


  • There is criticism in relation to the distribution of equipment, with several reviews indicating an unbalanced emphasis on cardio training over weight training.
  • While praised for its cleanliness, the gym is said to be relatively smaller compared to other Equinox locations.
  • Closing hours, particularly on weekends, have been critiqued for being too early.

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Probably the best equinox in town. Steam and sauna is a plus!! It’s not ever too crowded because it’s a destination access location but if you have executive you’ll get in. Good equipment. Not too many machines. The people are friendly yaaaaa but I can’t hear anything over Taylor swift blasting in me AirPods xoxox


After having just joined Century City and upgraded my membership after 18 years at Equinox Westwood, I can only say that I am sorry I did not do so sooner. This is everything that I was looking for in a club. It is uncrowded, the women's locker room is immaculate, beautifully designed and appointed, and there is the right balance of equipment, so I disagree with some other reviews on that. It also has a zen atmosphere--no blaring music!-- and a full range of classes, especially yoga. Not all classes are Vinyasa and Power, but Yin and Gentle too, which suits me well. Great club! And with this membership you can visit other clubs if more convenient on a given day or if you have been working with a trainer elsewhere.


Charging members $35 to enter this gym. Horrible


Small, clean and Easy parking!


We're grateful for your feedback, as it provides us with valuable insights into areas where we can improve our services. To help us better understand your concerns and address them effectively, we would love to hear more from you. Please don't hesitate to connect with us at [email protected], mentioning your review. We're committed to delivering exceptional experiences for our members, and your feedback will help us achieve that goal. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Despite Equinox having a strong reputation as best-in-class gyms, this location falls very short of this. The gym is clean and organized but my rating reflects the unbalanced distribution and insufficient quantity of equipment. This comes along with Equinox forcing you to enter into their top tier "Destination Access" in order to access, which comes with a hefty price tag.This gym is also very small relative to over locations. While it is well maintained, it is significantly under-equipped for weight training. It's almost hard to stomach the cost for such a small and ill-equipped gym. They gym feels like they only cater towards cardio users, which is ironic given how busy the weight training area compared to the cardio area at peak hours.I seriously hope the management takes this into consideration as it's almost laughable to pay an absurd rate to get access to a tiny, sparsely equipped gym. I really hope they make changes going forward to have more of a balance.


Title: More Cardio than Muscle at Equinox Century CityAs a gym that generally has a reputation for providing top-notch facilities, it's disappointing to report that Equinox Century City falls short of the standard. Despite the cleanliness and well-maintained nature of the gym, my 2-star rating reflects the unbalanced distribution and insufficient quantity of equipment.This gym, although compact and tidy, is significantly under-equipped for weight training. The cardio machines are abundant, almost overwhelming the floor space, while the weight-lifting section feels like an afterthought. It's as if the gym has been specifically designed to discourage serious weight training. This puzzling layout choice restricts workout variety and could potentially deter a significant portion of fitness enthusiasts.In line with my experience, I've noticed that this location is one of the lowest-rated gyms in the LA area. For a brand like Equinox, it's quite surprising to see such disregard for a balanced workout environment. I sincerely hope they take note of these issues and take the necessary steps to rectify them.


Elnaz has been an absolute delight to work with!!! She has been extremely professional, courteous and welcoming!I have been to multiple gyms and can conclude Elnaz’s service is second to none!


Just what I needed. Balanced acai bowl, well made by happy humans.2 Lane lap pool. Good culture. Great views. One of my favorite Equinox locations.

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We appreciate your feedback and take your concerns seriously. We understand that your experience may not have met your expectations, and we would like to investigate this matter further. Please don't hesitate to connect with us at [email protected], mentioning your review and any additional feedback you may have. Our team will work diligently to address any issues and ensure that we provide the best possible experience for all our members. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we look forward to resolving this matter with you as soon as possible.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.2-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 3750, Los Angeles, CA 90067, United States .

The contact number is +1 310-552-0420

This service is listed under Gym .

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