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Fort Washington Fitness offers a clean and spacious workout environment with a wide variety of equipment and helpful staff. Located in the RiverView Shopping Center in Fresno, CA, the gym provides various fitness resources including free weights, cardio machines, and specialized fitness classes. Dedicated trainers, like Richard Ontiveros, are highly praised for their expertise and personalized service. This gym is appreciated for its low crowd levels and friendly ambiance, making it a favorite for many local gym-goers.

However, the gym's billing practices and customer service have been a source of frustration for some members. Additionally, the limited WiFi service and early weekend closing hours may not suit everyone’s schedule. While the gym has many satisfied customers, potential members should consider these factors before joining.


  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Wide variety of equipment
  • Clean facilities
  • Low crowd levels
  • Good variety of fitness classes
  • Dedicated and effective trainers
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Separate weight and cardio areas
  • Nice private area for women
  • Convenient location


  • Billing issues
  • Poor WiFi quality
  • Early closing hours on weekends

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Been my gym for the past 5yrs and the only gripe I have is that they close so early on Friday's, Saturdays and Sundays. I work nights so wake up late on weekends so it would be awesome if they were open later but other than that it's an awesome gym.


August 28th, still no WiFi, and no towels tonight. Why respond if you're not going to fix the issue? Resolved one issue but not most important. Comcast is throttling the amount of users you can have on your network. I pay full rate would be nice to have full use of the benefits, but still: Not holding our breath because I just don't see it getting fixed. Wifi doesn't work for us, person behind counter claimed it had to be our error even an employee said they were having issues with it. After a time away was looking forward to coming back. Also no cleaning materials on either visit. BTW: other customer overheard us and stated they had same issues with WiFi. Otherwise a good gym working on being better?


Horrible experience. I cancelled my membership and do not owe anything. However, I keep getting letters and texts saying there’s an issue with my account and I owe money. I’ve spoken with many workers and they say everything is fine, but I still keep getting papers saying I owe. I continually ask to speak to a manager and every-time they say they’re not there or they will call me. This is ridiculous. I’ve never had any issues with other gyms here in Fresno.


Pretty solid gym. Staff is very nice. Good equipment. Only complaint is the internet is horrible and sometimes staff isn’t at the front desk for periods of times


Very clean gym. Lots of different weights (free, dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, and machines). Tons of cardio equipment. Separate weight area than the main floor so you get the feeling of having the gym all to yourself.


I feel safe coming here at all hours, and that's all that matters.


Customer service is horrible. Glad I didn’t sign up


No complaints, got what you need. Just wish they played louder music upstairs cuz u can't hear it but maybe that's the point, idk. Great place though.




Was told the steam room would be closed for a couple weeks when I first joined in 2021. It’s 2023 and this sign is still up. Luckily I have gb3 to utilize, but it’s sucks having to drive to that gym to get in the steam room. Other than that, place is much emptier than gb3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 71 reviews.

The address is: 9471 N Fort Washington Rd, Fresno, CA 93730, United States .

The contact number is +1 559-434-0700

This service is listed under Gym .

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