Crunch Fitness - West Hollywood, located on the bustling Sunset Boulevard, offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training options, drawing in both local gym enthusiasts and visiting fitness buffs. The gym prides itself on its team of expert instructors, led by the well-regarded Demetrius, and features a range of amenities including yoga and spin rooms, a steam room, sauna, and well-equipped locker rooms. Despite its popularity, the gym has faced consistent challenges with air conditioning, particularly during the hot LA summers.


  • Wide variety of high-quality fitness classes.
  • Personal training available.
  • Extended hours on weekdays.
  • Features yoga, fitness, and spin rooms.
  • Generally well-maintained equipment.
  • Management responsive to member feedback.
  • Ample parking available.
  • Clean towels and rooms provided.
  • Positive atmosphere encouraged by the staff.
  • Experienced and motivating instructors.


  • Recurring air conditioning issues during summer.
  • Crowded and cramped during peak hours.
  • Reports of occasional poor customer service on fee transparency.

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I'm going to cancel my membership if they don't stop playing their garbage music so loud I can hear it through my headphones


I've owned and operated multiple fitness clubs (franchise and independent label) for more years than I can count... all that is to say, I know how hard it is to maintain quality class instructors. And this particular location is incredibly impressive in the variety of classes it offers and the caliber of the classes themselves. Demetrius has put together a team of yoga, spin, dance, circuit, atb, shred, circuit instructors that is exceptional.These instructors inspire and push you right up to the point you need to be pushed that particular day, without pressure or shame, but rather encouragement and self-empowerment. It's quite amazing actually. They truly care about the people attending the classes, trust me you feel it. Most importantly you leave with a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of community, and a feeling of emotional levity. I actually used to lift weights exclusively and now, well I find that I'd rather spend that limited precious time we all have at the gym in one of these wonderful classes.COLIN K is a gem of a person. He has meaningfully changed my life, way beyond just the physical gains for which we often initially come to a gym. I've grown in the way I deal with the world, both spiritually and practically. All of which is so much more important than how many lbs I curl or how many miles I run, and yet I find myself in the the best shape of my life.I assure you, the rest of the instructors on the team are awesome as well. This gym really provides something for everyone.*And please DO NOT be turned away from this gym because of this minor air conditioning issue, it is not that serious. The temperature in the gym is totally fine, in fact some areas I find are actually too cold. They are honestly doing the best they can, it is so apparent in their efforts. I can tell you from decades of experience, there is no temperature that will satisfy all the members of any gym, that is a fact.BOTTOM LINE, here it is... I go to a fitness facility to sweat, to burn some calories, to smile, and to leave a better person than when I came. I think by now you all know exactly where I will be. Peace.


Poor air conditioning. It’s very hot on the weight floor. Often too hot to do a full workout on many summer days; Potentially dangerous conditions. Gym manager was understanding & helpful and seems it’s a building owner issue. Hope it’s resolved soon. Update 8/1: some acknowledgement and changes seem to be implemented


Rude staff, rude people, expensive, no AC, no free trial for friends. Needs serious improvement.


DO NOT REGISTER, SIGN UP or even come as a guest.This is the third summer that this gym has the air conditioner issue ( & it’s always summer in LA)Same lies & excuses as years before.They added 3 useless AC units which made the situation worst & it’s like a disgusting HOT YOGA.Bring your tea bag for the water fountains.For additional, the plaza’s elevators are always broken.Trust me, drive less than 10 mins to get to another gym. Anywhere BUT HERE.This gym doesn’t worth a dollar.We just canceled our membership today.

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AC has been broken for 3 consecutive summers. Brought a digital thermometer to the weight room today (7/26/23) and it was 92.5 degrees Fahrenheit (see attached photo). You’ve had more than enough time (3 years) to fix this — it’s now unacceptable.

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I'm about to cancel my membership after being a member for almost 7 years because this place has gone way downhill. If you like working out in a sauna, this is the place for you! I clocked the thermostat and it was literally 92 degrees in there.Oh, and they also have a real sauna and steamroom if that wasn't enough for you ;)


Broken elevator, no air conditioning, crowded, locker room is a mess… see photos

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Edit: the level of theft here is intense. Someone broke into my locker and stole my wallet and phone. Then on another day someone stole my slides. I guess this is just a sketchy locker room and sketchy people go to this gym 🤷🏼‍♂️This gym is 75% gay men. It’s also well-located, clean, two levels, it has all the equipment/machines/classes a person could want, and the huge locker room has a hot sauna & steam room. The people who work here are great. In terms of large West Hollywood area gyms that don’t cost a million dollars a month, this is easily the best.


As far as amenities, this is best crunch I’ve been at. Towels and steam room and sauna are fantastic. The AC being broken is terrible. Because its not enough fans. AndWith machines close together, people close together workout, makes it unbearable,And hard to breathe. Didnt like the rate of pay for parking. Validation of your ticket doesn’t help with cost of pay.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.3-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 8000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States .

The contact number is +1 323-654-4550

This service is listed under Gym .

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