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LifeSport Fitness in San Jose, CA, offers customized fitness programs and group training in a clean and well-maintained studio at Princeton Plaza Mall. Headed by Becky Williamson, the facility focuses on personalized routines that cater to individual needs, especially for those with chronic pain or old injuries. All trainers are knowledgeable and ensure a safe, effective workout without risking injury. Clients praise the friendly, motivating environment and the results they achieve, making it perfect for anyone serious about improving their fitness.


  • Personalized workouts tailored to individual needs
  • Knowledgeable and supportive trainers
  • Clean and well-equipped facilities
  • Focus on safe, effective exercise without injury
  • Great for chronic pain and injury management
  • Positive and motivating group workout environment
  • Comprehensive program including nutrition advice
  • Flexible schedule for in-person and virtual classes
  • Helpful and attentive staff
  • Proven results in strength and overall fitness


  • Limited hours on some days
  • Closed on Sundays
  • Potentially higher cost compared to regular gyms

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Very knowledgeable team helps with accountability and ultimate success.


I have joined so many gyms and started so many work out routines and this is the only thing I have been able to stick with. The workouts are challenging without ever making me feel like I have to push myself to keep up with anyone else.


Lifesport Fitness is FANTASTIC and Becky is AMAZING! I’ve been a member for over a year now and the change in my strength, fitness and overall health is remarkable. Becky is extremely knowledgeable and over the course of my membership, I've come to trust her and her team completely.One of the greatest values of personal training with Becky is getting coached to "re-balance" my body and strengthening areas around problem joints. Moreover, dynamic, customized work outs ensure monotony never sets in.I’ve now committed to fitness as a lifestyle and it’s all thanks to Lifesport Fitness. I strongly recommend this studio!


I've been working with coaches Becky and Diane for 2 years now. They are knowledgeable and scientific in developing routines that improve my strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. They supportively monitor my execution of each exercise. When I have had issues related to age or injury, they have expertly modified my routines to promote recovery. The studio is always clean and hygienic and the atmosphere is fun and uplifting.


I have been working out at Life Sport for 2 years now and find the workouts challenging and the environment fun. You get a new program every 4 weeks, so you are constantly changing things up and working different muscle groups. I like the semi private personal training, as you get attention to make sure you're doing the exercises correctly and don't hurt yourself. Other places don't pay attention to form so much.


My husband Chuck and I have been with Becky for many years now and plan on continuing. We are both in better physical shape, for our ages, and have lost some weight. We both have enjoy doing the Life Sport's hikes, then there is the Menu Planning, Diet Challenges and more fun activities to keep us healthy and moving...Thank You both, Becky & Matt


It is my very great pleasure to give Life Sport Fitness a full five star rating. I am grateful to have been recommended to this group and in particular to the teacher Becky Williamson. Becky is a Master of Science and published author of 6 Rules of Fitness For Life. Her knowledge of our bone and muscle structure provides us with a safe, thorough and beneficial workout.I am surely one of Becky's oldest students and, additionally I have had serious back surgery. In my semi-private, once-weekly schedule Becky carefully tailors my workout to accommodate my specific needs. The semi-private work-out changes monthly so it remains interesting. All the elements of exercise are incorporated into our individual plans such as Pilates, cardio and muscle building. At the end of each session my body says "Thank you!"Mid-week students are able to log on to a down-loaded workout and exercise at home.LifeSport Fitness offers a variety of work-out programs. You will be sure to find a program that suits your time and pocketbook as I did.The facility is always fresh and clean and air conditioned. For the cardio, we have the option of the outdoors.


I have been suffering with joint and spinal issues from a relatively young age and with time I realized I needed a program to build my strength and manage my symptoms for a better quality of life. I joined lifeSport Fitness 3 months ago and Becky’s personalized program has helped to strengthen the areas around the problem joint areas and delayed the need for a shot required for pain management. She regularly monitored how I responded to certain exercise and tweaked them to ensure they don’t cause discomfort or make my symptoms worse. I truly believe one of the goals of personal training is beyond losing weight or inches. I highly recommend lifeSport fitness to anyone with chronic joint and disc issues looking to get stronger with a safe exercise program.


For me, Life Sport Fitness has been life changing! I have chronic back and neck problems from old injuries, and previously every time that I have worked out with a trainer I have ended up injured, resulting in setbacks, frustration, and ultimately stopping my strength training workouts.With Life Sport Fitness my experience has been completely different. After a careful assessment of my abilities and goals, Becky crafted a program tailored to my needs, always within my abilities and with just the right amount of challenge to create progress. If at any time an exercise hasn’t felt right, Becky and her knowledgeable team have been quick to offer alternatives that work for me. Two years later I am so much stronger, I can do things I wasn’t able to do before, and I have had NO injuries. Many of my chronic aches and pains have disappeared now that my back and core are stronger, and I feel great!I’m so appreciative of Becky and her team for the friendly and fun workout environment that they have created, and for their dedication to each client’s results. For me, Life Sport Fitness = life changing fitness!


I love lifeSport Fitness! I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle in late July of this year. So glad I joined and appreciate Becky’s guidance and help. I am feeling better about myself and look forward to every session! I highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to better their life and exercise regimen!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 40 reviews.

The address is: 1375 Blossom Hill Rd #68, San Jose, CA 95118, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-265-1540

This service is listed under Physical Fitness Program .

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