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Waterworks Aquatics San Jose offers an engaging environment for infants to older children to learn swimming. With a warm pool and flexible scheduling, it caters to busy parents. The instructors receive mixed reviews, but many parents appreciate their patience and dedication. The facility is child-friendly, featuring both play and practice areas.

However, some parents reported dissatisfaction with customer service and administrative issues, including a confusing online booking system and frequent class cancellations. Despite these drawbacks, many find the personalized instruction and skill development worth the investment.


  • Warm pool, comfortable for kids.
  • Flexible scheduling options.
  • Patient and skilled instructors.
  • Good online booking system.
  • Clean and child-friendly facilities.
  • Variety of lesson types available.
  • Proven track record of student progress.
  • Positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Option for make-up classes.


  • Inconsistent customer service.
  • Frequent class cancellations.
  • Confusing online portal.

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Trainers are too busy to focus on a student.Pools are overcrowded.


Nice place for beginners. The warm and clean water, the flexible schedule system, and the nice instructor make here occupied no matter it’s weekly days or weekends.It’s my daughter’s first time to learn swimming here. We are so lucky to meet such an amazing instructor. My daughter is willing to learn and persists in learning because of Natalia. Natalia’s encouragement, guidance, and instructions made my daughter today. She really enjoy swimming in the water! Recommend it!


The front desk is unhelpful. The rep doesn’t understand customers needs and only repeats how the system works. The system works for the average cases, but not all of the case. The problem is not resolved due to the rep’s capability. Very disappointing for their service and I probably won’t purchase more lessons with them.**Updates**The general manager reached out for resolving the issue of applying make up credit to the recurring schedules. Honestly I think they should remove the make up credit just use unpaid credit to all upcoming lessons to keep it simple, easy and efficient to both sides. More things can be done through the portal is better. The system is still the same, if the teacher cancels the lessons in the future, we will face the same issue. We have to reach out to someone could help to override the system. The review is updated because the management level is good and care customer’s review and willing to work out with customers.


I love taking my daughter here for swim, especially because her teacher Miss Nallely is phenomenal! She has helped my daughter learn and grow so much in a very short period of time.I really like how flexible the scheduling is, the girls at the front desk always help when I have a make up or I want to create a new schedule. Overall it's a terrific experience for my two year old and I would recommend it to everyone!


Disappointed! We have been coming here for more than 2 years. We heard good reviews so started coming here. My kid is 6 years old now. I’m not seeing any progress, each week instructors keep doing same thing. I understand it depends on kid. But that is the whole point, kid suppose to progress. Tried different instructors, changed timings, days, tried semi private, private lessons etc. Nothing seems to work. It seems instructors look for very very particular positions. They will not teach new stuff until they are satisfied. I would kid to learn as a life skill. Not sure if paying so much attention on precise hand movement or gesture make sense. Do not want to blame a particular instructor but I’m disappointed with my kid’s progress in many many months. Facility is getting old and outdated, something and something is broken everyday. That’s not my primary concern though. I want my kid to learn.


My 5 (almost 6) y.o.son has been taking swimming lessons with Israel for 3 months. We are so happy with the process and the progress! He was afraid to put his face under water and would ask for a towel after every drop. Now he is swimming and most importantly enjoying swimming very much! And only after 3 months! We are so lucky to have found Israel and Waterworks Aquatics. Online scheduling works well and the whole system is straight forward.


Just started here with my baby and the parent and me class has been great. The instructors are kind and respectful and patient. Front desk is ok, some are great and greet you, others can work on being attentive.


I’ve been bringing my 3 year old here for over a year and it’s been a great experience. Online booking system is good and convenient. The instructors are really good with kids. If you can, aim to bring your kids when during working hours m-f else it gets busy especially for showers. Changing facilities are good too, pool and pool area is warm enough.

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Instructors are good and patient. Swim team coach is very good.My previous review had feedback about the billing software as not being sufficient. Since then, Lisa called me and walked me through how to use the billing software. This works for me for now and I look forward to seeing more interactive features/filters on the billing page.My previous review also had feedback about poor drainage in the new showers (near the kids pool) and poor waiting etiquette for the showers queue (by instructors). Lisa has told me that waterworks is working on bringing change to both of these areas.Thank you for the prompt reach out and being open to feedback, Waterworks and Lisa!


My child has been going to Waterworks for 8+ months and I have seen great progress with his swimming. His coach Shea Duty is absolutely fabulous! I love Shea's working style. He builds trust and rapport, gives confidence (very important), encourages, gently nudges him, and above all really focuses on the right techniques. My child has learned so much! We like going to Waterworks because of Shea and would not want to change our instructor when Shea is away :)The facility is clean and well-managed but our selling point for Waterworks is definitely our coach!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.2-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 1120 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-279-1700

This service is listed under Swimming School .

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