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24 Hour Fitness, located at 1314 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, aims to provide gym-goers with an extensive range of fitness equipment and services. Despite the spacious layout and availability of multiple machines, numerous customer reviews highlight significant cleanliness issues and ongoing equipment maintenance problems. The staff receives mixed feedback, with some users appreciating their friendliness while others report unprofessionalism and rudeness.

Additionally, the gym has garnered criticism for not staying true to its '24 Hour' name, closing at 11 PM instead. Frequent equipment breakdowns, delayed repairs, and poor hygiene in locker rooms and bathrooms significantly impact the overall gym experience. This gym is best suited for individuals willing to overlook some inconveniences for a well-equipped and spacious workout area.


  • Spacious gym layout.
  • Wide variety of fitness equipment.
  • Convenient location.
  • Friendly staff during off-peak hours.
  • Affordable monthly membership options.
  • Good selection of fitness classes.
  • Easy to sign up process.
  • Women's locker room is generally clean.
  • Recent improvements in certain areas.
  • Accepts insurance-based memberships.


  • Dirty locker rooms and bathrooms.
  • Frequent equipment malfunctions and delayed repairs.
  • Not open 24 hours, closes at 11 PM.

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It was Amazing! If I were you I would definitely go


The showers were disgusting and I probably would never come back. I’m definitely not paying for a membership.


I have been to many 24 locations, this is by far the dirtiest one. Broken showers, bad smell, dirty bathrooms. When you enter the mens’ locker you feel like throwing up. Staff is not friendly, plus they all sit next to computers or chat at the front desk and not doing any cleaning or anything. Men shower is dark. Unfortunately, I have already paid for the whole year, as soon as the time arrives I will go to Planet Fitness or most likely California Family Fitness. Not to mention anything about the dirtiness of the gym itself, horrible.


Good gym. I enjoy this branch more than the one downtown. Less crowded and friendlier staff.


This 24 hour fitness only has 3 weight rack platforms. Either get more weight platforms or limit the use time to 30 mins. Please do something about it. I had to wait almost an hour today, please do something about it. Ignoring the problem doesn't do anything


Gym is SUPER, SUPER dirty!!Terrible member services!!The dry sauna is NOT hot and they shut it down at 10:45 pm (gym closes at 11 pm) machines are broken, showers do NOT work. Just a overall BAD gym!!!Do NOT join!!


Machines are constantly broken and take forever to get fixed. I thought that was the point of our annual fee? Where is that money going if they haven’t fixed machines that have been down for months? Cant wait to switch to the new crunch fitness once they open.


1. To start most, when something breaks don't expect to use that machine for over a month, the only leg press machine has been broken forever. I am well versed in workouts so I can overlook that and move to something else but the thing that bothers me the most is...2. There are kids everywhere now that take up machines and weights for no reason. It's dangerous and they aren't even working out at all.3. The pool has become a chill area, it's a gym and workout area for most of us. All the lanes are full and kids are jumping in and taking up the pool.4. It's called 24 hour fitness. Why does the gym close at 11.. during covid I understood this because of everything going on but that's well over now.. so because you guys aren't open 24 hours I can't find a time to avoid all the ppl and kids.I have been going to this gym for a long time (8 yrs I believe) and it's been getting worse and worse.. please contact me if you would like more input.. ill give it all to you


Gotta tell you this place is gross. Locker rooms are filthy with stench. Showers are moldy with slime. The only relatively clean place is the reception area.You could tell me, yeah it’s filthy but I am paying so little. Yeah…. About this. New chain just opened gym nearby. It IS CLEAN. THEY HAVE JANITORS!


The new manger she is so disrespectful so rude so unprofessional: hate going back to this location:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.4-star.

This business has 70 reviews.

The address is: 1314 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-925-7055

This service is listed under Gym .

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