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24 Hour Fitness at DOCO - Downtown Commons in Sacramento provides a modern, spacious gym experience with a wide range of equipment and amenities. Members can enjoy free parking, various group fitness classes, and facilities like a basketball court, pool, and cycling room. Despite offering a plethora of workout options and a friendly atmosphere, the gym faces criticism for not being open 24 hours and other operational shortcomings.

Customer reviews highlight frequent equipment malfunctions, cleanliness issues, and poor customer service. Many members are unhappy with the gym's limited hours, given its '24 Hour' branding, and the presence of homeless individuals using the facilities. These factors contribute to mixed reviews about the overall value and experience offered by 24 Hour Fitness, Downtown Sacramento.


  • Wide range of equipment.
  • Free parking garage.
  • Various group fitness classes.
  • Swimming pool and basketball court.
  • Friendly staff and members.
  • Spacious and modern facility.
  • Convenient downtown location.
  • Towel service available.
  • Multiple cardio machines.
  • Option to use gym with parking validation.


  • Limited hours despite '24 Hour' branding.
  • Frequently broken equipment.
  • Cleanliness issues, especially in locker rooms.

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Come here if you love working out with the homeless and watching them Groom them selves by saving their pubes in the bathroom You’ll have a lot of time on your hands as you wait for a machine as most have been broken for months

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It was pretty cool in there, saw this cat working out

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I always liked 24 hours and all the infrastructure that the gym offers. But I confess, that I had one of the worst costume service, in this location. The only guy that has kind, professional, and friendly was a black guy, and he totally deserves a promotion. Dino, the staff that worked on my application, had a non professional conduct, and should be not working with people, if he doesn’t like people. He took his phone during the application process, faced to me and were disregarding my questions and not offering a good a respectful service. Not a nice experience, during a hard moment that I am going throw. So after I worked out, I decided to cancel my anual application.They receptionists are the business card, of the company and they should be nice and respectful with everyone, independent of any color, nationality and gender. I feel that he was kind of racist.The manager Ashley, was kind and fast during the cancellation process. But they will never have me like client anymore. Good lucky


Great gym for the average gym goer. Has plenty of benches, squat racks, machines, treadmills and other cardio machines. Most of the equipment is in good standards and clean. But there are a few machines that need attending to. Has a basketball court, swimming pool, and cycling room. They do offer group fitness workouts, and also have a small store selling different protein items and apparel. Even though its downtown, its easy to get to. Plus theres free parking garage right next door. Makes parking very easy and convenient. Early morning during the week is pretty open but it does get very busy during the “after work” hours from around 5pm - 9pm. Saturday is less crowded but can get a little busy during the afternoon. Sundays are almost never crowded from opening to closing. Staff and club members are very friendly and helpful!


Honestly, I don’t get it. The super sport 24 fitness in a capital city isn’t even open 24 hours. Either change the hours or the name because the false advertising is ridiculous. I already read a few other reviews with similar comments and the “owner” reply looks like some AI response as it doesn’t even address a solution besides finding another 24. Is that a joke? What are we paying for? On another note, this place has difficulty doing the simplest things like keeping the cleaning spray bottles and paper towels full. Seems like no one’s really working there most the time. (Let’s see if I get the same stupid automated response.)


All the money they spent on the beautiful remodel/expansion and there are still broken treadmills and a wait line for treadmills during the week. Wish we could get a manager who cared about what equipment the members actually use! Kids Club is fantastic.Update 6/2023: broken TVs and hours are limited. This location continues to be disappointing. Kids Club is closed permanently. It's hot upstairs year round!


Do their phones not work?? Been calling throughout the day to ask a simple question but cannot get a hold of anyone? This is so ridiculous! As a paying member I should get free parking but I do not know how this validation thing work and am trying to ask someone there but they don’t pick up the phone or every time I go there I don’t see anyone at the front desk. Recently moved to the area and switched to this gym but been paying each time I go which is 4-5 a week for parking! $4/hour and I’m there at least 3 hours. Which isn’t fair considering the gym should offer free parking! At least put this info on the website or something since it seems like there’s no one to help a paying customer answer a simple question.


Visited here from out of town several times over the last couple years. It's a decent gym and I can appreciate the relative variety of equipment. Unfortunately the ridiculous cost of $30 per workout (welcome to the "new" management) and the business at nearly all hours makes it barely a 3 star. Takes hours to workout as you wait around for the selfie crowd to "finish" and they rarely put their weights away. The following picture was at 10am on a Monday (when I thought it would be less busy).

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Worst customer service ever! I was in the fron desk and Dino, right in front of me, acting like if God was talking to him. Basically he ignored me. And on top of that, I wanted to purchase the membership and he refused to grab my credit card when I told him about his attitude.Dino doesn't know what means customer service. He's just earning easy money.


Really needs to change the name if it isn't a 24 hour facility. I understand labor costs and other budget friendly measures to pump the bottom line but that's not what the customers pay for. Use our money to bring in staff and live up to your namesake: which is 24 HOUR FITNESS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.2-star.

This business has 70 reviews.

The address is: 1020 7th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-658-1626

This service is listed under Gym .

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